Giorgos Polydoras

Giorgos was arrested on 14/03/2011, in Volos, along with another 4 CCF’s members, after a night raid by police’s special forces and Anti-terrorist squads at the house the where living. He was convicted in December 2014 in the Fire Cells of Conspiracy case and sentenced to 25 years.

Giorgos Nikolopoulos

Giorgos Nikolopoulos was wanted since September of 2009, after Anti-terrorist squads and police’s special forces raided the house he and comrade Haris Hajimihelakis were living. The comrade managed to escape that night. He was arrested on 14/03/2011, in Volos, along with another 4 CCF’s members, after a night raid by police’s special forces and Anti-terrorist squads at the house where he was living.

Gerasimos Tsakalos

Gerasimos Tsakalos was arrested on 01/11/2010 along with Panagiotis Argyrou during a CCF campaign, which involved the shipping of 14 parcel bombs to several foreign embassies and leaders. Two more parcel bombs were found on them and another two had already been delivered by them.

Luca Finotti

Luca is one of the Genoa 10 who was arrested in Switzerland in October 2017. He had been serving his sentence on a home confinement type arrangement. In 2021, this permit was revoked and he was returned to Cremona prison to serve the remainder of his sentence (Luca Finotti - Cremona Prison - Via Palosca, 2, 26100 Cremona CR). The reasons for the revocation of the permit to serve the sentence in the community are still rather vague and nebulous.

Nicola Gai

Nicola and Alfredo Cospito were arrested on September 14th, 2012 and accused of shooting Ansaldo Nucleare manager and Finmeccanica affiliate, Roberto Adinolfi, in the knees – an action carried out by Olga nucleus FAI/FRI in May 2012.  In May of 2015 their sentences were reduced, Alfredo’s to 9 years and 5 months in prison, Nicola’s to 8 years and 8 months.

Operation Scripta Manent charges

Joshua “Skelly” Stafford

“I first met Skelly a year before Occupy started.  He was a friend of my son’s and was over helping him with his bike.  My impression of Skelly was that he was someone that his friends could always depend on.  An incident with Skelly that touched my heart happened at Occupy.  One night at the food tent, a homeless family consisting of a woman and her two small children came by.  She stated that her eyes were bad and asked if someone could help identify the correct bus to get on.

Jaan Karl Laaman

Jaan Karl Laaman grew up in Roxbury, MA and Buffalo, NY. His family emigrated to the US from Estonia when he was a child.

He is currently serving a 53 year prison sentence for his role in the bombings of United States government buildings while a member of the United Freedom Front, an American leftist group which robbed banks, bombed buildings, and attacked law enforcement officers in the 1980s.

Political Life

Jared (Jay) Chase

Jay, of the NATO 3, is serving an 8-year sentence for helping undercover cops with their own idea to make molotov cocktails, that were never used, to protest the 2012 NATO summit in Chicago. He and his co-defendants were acquitted of many of the original charges, but convicted on lesser charges including misdemeanor mob action and possession of an incendiary device with intent to commit arson.

Nikos Romanos

Nikos Romanos, Andreas–Dimitris Bourzoukos, Giannis Mihailidis and Dimitris Politis were arrested after a car chase on 01/02/2013 after the double robbery at a branch on National Post office and at a branch of Agriculture Bank, in Venvento, Kozani. In addition, Nikos Romanos and Giannis Mihailidis are accused for the case of the two houses in Volos and Kalithea, Giannis Mihailidis and Dimitris Politis for the robbery at a branch of Agriculture Bank in Filotas, Florina and Giannis Mihailidis is accused for the case of the gunfight with cops in Pefki.


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