Janine Phillips Africa

Janine Africa served as Minister of Education for the MOVE Organization. Her daugher, Life Africa, was killed at three weeks old by the Philadelphia police.  She was later caught in the police raid of the MOVE house where she and eight others were wrongfully convicted of the murder of a police officer who was killed by friendly fire during the raid. She has served 40 years in prison despite her innocence. In May 2018, her sister Debbie Africa was freed on parole. A habeas lawsuit was filed on behalf of Janine because she was denied parole unjustly.

Janet Hollaway Africa

Janet Holloway Africa is a member of the black liberation group MOVE, a mother and part of the MOVE 9, nine MOVE members all falsely accused for the murder of a police officer who was shot by friendly fire when the Philadelphia police raided their house. She has served 40 years in prison despite her innocence. In May 2018, her sister Debbie Africa was freed on parole.

Delbert Orr Africa

Personal Background

Delbert Orr Africa was born April 2, 1946.  As a young man he joined the Chicago Chapter of the Black Panther Party.  In 1969 the FBI put forth false warrants on the Chicago BPP leadership, including Delbert. He and others then fled to Canada. They struggled to get any financial support while in exile and received support from others in the struggle. Many reports have listed them as carrying out bank expropriations to sustain themselves, which is false.

Jalil Muntaqim

Jalil became affiliated with the Black Panther Party at age 18.  Less than 2 months before his 20th birthday he was captured with Albert Nuh Washington in a midnight shootout with San Francisco police. He was subsequently charged with a host of revolutionary activities including the assassination of two police in New York City. It is for this that he is currently serving a 25 years – life sentence in New York State. His case is known as the New York 3 case as his co-defendants include Nuh Washington and Herman Bell.

Robert Seth Hayes

Seth Hayes is a member of the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army, he was framed and convicted of murdering a NYC police officer in 1973. He was charged with seven counts of attempted murder and one count of murder in the first degree.  He has repeatedly been denied parole, not based on his record in prison but because of his political beliefs and work with the Black Panther Party. 

Personal Background

Herman Bell


Personal Background

Herman Bell was born in Mississippi and moved to Brooklyn, New York as a boy. He was a talented High School football player and won a football scholarship to the University of California in Oakland. While in Oakland, Herman joined the Black Panther Party and became active around human rights issues in the Black community.

Zolo Azania

Personal Background

Zolo Azania is a former Black Panther convicted of a 1981 bank robbery that left a Gary, Indiana cop dead. He was arrested miles away from the incident as he was walking, unarmed, down the street.  After a trial plagued with injustices, Zolo was given the death penalty.  After years of campaigning and several orders to stop his execution, the death penalty sentence was finally dropped. Zolo still adamantly maintains innocence.

Sundiata Acoli

Sundiata is a tireless worker for Black liberation, and once a prominent member of the Harlem chapter of the Black Panther Party. After targeting by the FBI’s illegal COINTELPRO operation, Sundiata continued the struggle underground. In 1973 he and two friends were stopped by New Jersey state troopers. One of his friends and one state trooper was killed during the incident. In a politically charged and biased trial, Sundiata was sentenced to life plus 30 years.

Personal Background


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