Bashir Abdullah al-Khatib

Bashir is from Ramla in occupied Palestine ’48. He was arrested on 1 January 1988, amid the rise of the great popular intifada throughout occupied Palestine, and charged with membership in a prohibited organization, possession of weapons and explosives, and participating in the armed Palestinian resistance. He was sentenced to life imprisonment; in 2012, the term of his sentence was set to 35 years. Like other Palestinian prisoners from occupied Palestine ’48, he is targeted by the new Zionist law that aims to render Palestinian prisoners stateless after their release.

Ivan Alocco

Ivan was arrested on June 11, 2022 and accused by the Sous-Direction Anti-Terroriste (SDAT) of the Central Directorate of Police French for an investigation concerning some arson attacks, which took place in Paris and Montreuil between January and June of the same year, against vehicles of Enedis (dependent on EDF, Électricité de France), of the SFR (Société Française du Radiotéléphone), of the newspaper "Est Républicain", belonging to diplomatic corps and against a luxury car.

Shamar Betts

Shamar Betts is a talented young man who once had a bright future ahead of him. After the devastating loss of his mother at age 12, he encountered many more challenges in his life. It was as if the deck was stacked against him. Nevertheless, he persisted in obtaining his high school diploma, living mostly on his own, and secured his first job working with children as a camp counselor in Urbana, Illinois.

Igor Banсer

Igor Banсer – antifascist and musician from Grodno. He was detained on October 20, 2020 and charged under part 1 of article 339 (hooliganism) for a performance in front of a police car. The real reason behind his arrest and detention was his uncompromised opposition to the Belarussian dictatorial regime, his participation in protests and his long-term political activity.

Daniel Hale

Daniel is a drone whistleblower who was sentenced to 45 months in federal prison after accepting a non-cooperating plea agreement for allegations that he disclosed classified documents about the U.S. military's assassination program, believed to have been the source material for a series in The Intercept called "The Drone Papers."



Dan Baker

Dan Baker is a social justice activist and former army vet. He went AWOL instead of fighting in Iraq, and then took his training to help defend Rojava with the International Freedom Battalion and was featured on VICE. Dan was also active during the George Floyd Rebellion and took part in CHAZ. He was arrested on January 15th, 2021 after the FBI compiled social media posts related to Trump supporters' actions on inauguration day to build a criminal case against him.


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