Operation Pandora

Operation Pandora:

In December 2014, seven comrades were arrested and then released on bail a month later with the same charges, and some details of the attacks attributed to the GAC*, in Barcelona and Manresa, in addition to searches at the libertarian Athénées of Sant Andreu and Poble Sec and the squat Kasa de la Muntanya.

Pandora II:

On October 28, 2015 at around 6am, the mossos d’esquadra (Catalan Autonomous Police) on orders of the Audiencia Nacional in Madrid [anti-terrorist prosecutor] conducted ten raids against anarchist places (Ateneo Libertario de Sants and the Revoltosa Social Centre) and anarchists’ homes in Barcelona and Manresa. Nine comrades were arrested, seven male and two female. This operation is part of the previous Pandora operation against GAC (Grupos Anarquistas Coordinados), accused of being the local branch of the FAI / FRI or “belonging to a criminal organization with terrorist aims.

October 27, the eve of this new repressive blow, the Audiencia Nacional decided to extend the imprisonment of Mónica and Francisco, arrested in November 2013, up to two additional years remand. They are also accused of terrorism and belonging to GAC, the state suspects them of having led the attack against Zaragoza Cathedral in October 2013.

Pandora II Dismissal:

The case against nine anarchists arrested in October 2015 in Barcelona and Manresa has been dismissed. They were accused of criminal organization under the antiterrorism law. The magistrate of the Audiencia Nacional affirmed that the mossos d’escuadra [Catalan police force responsible for the investigation] “had limited themselves to informing about meetings, trips, and visits to penitentiary institutions” and had not showed any link with the dozens of sabotage actions the police and press had attributed to them.

*The Coordination of Anarchist Groups (GAC) is a project coordinating statewide anarchist groups whose intention is to help create a strong and cohesive anarchist movement based on the principles of solidarity, mutual support and direct action.  They have held public campaigns in support of persecuted anarchists, and in 2013 published a book called “Against Democracy” where an analysis of different political structures is performed accompanied by proposals, made under the prism of individual freedom and anti-authoritarianism, etc.  The obvious fact is that in no case is it a terrorist organization, since none of the actions they are accusing Monica and Francisco of, or the other defendants in other operations, have been claimed with these acronyms.  However, police operations have used this acronym to build an alleged terrorist organization that judges and prosecutors have given credit, a good opportunity to discredit, criminalize and wipe out an ideology and practices that historically have contributed and continue to contribute to the fight against power in its multiple mechanisms.


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