Malik Muhammad

Malik is a 26 year old black/Palestinian pansexual muslim, anarchist, antifascist and anti-racist abolitionist. He was charged with possession of unregistered destructive devices, engaging in civil disorder and obstructing law enforcement and using explosives to commit a felony. He has a wife and young child. He has a long history of protesting and associated actions for Black liberation. 

On April 5th, 2021 Malik was arrested in Indiana, and then extradited to Oregon. He was given a $2.1 million bail. Through great struggle, the required 10% of it was met by the Portland Freedom Fund, but revoked the next day. Within 24 hours of his release, he was rearrested by federal officers. Malik was then imprisoned in Multnomah County where he was held in solitary confinement for around 90 days. During this time, the state also actively tried to limit his contact with his partner. This detrimental treatment, combined with the threat of COVID-19 exposure due to outbreaks in the jail, posed a very real threat to his mental and physical well-being. On July 29th he was moved, pretrial, to the state’s only federal prison, FCI Sheridan. At Sheridan, Malik participated in a hunger strike that successfully increased prisoners free-time from 30 minutes every other day to four hours per day everyday, and one day per week outside for recreation. On Monday, November 8th 2021, Malik lost his appeal for pretrial release.

Malik has been writings about their thoughts and experiences when incarcerated at:

In his own words:

“My name is Malik Farrad Muhammad. I’m a 26-year-old black/Palestinian pansexual Muslim (yes, hella confusing). I’m an anarchist antifascist, anti-racist abolitionist (yes, both cops and prisons) for my love of
freedom! My first protest was in high school: a walkout staged after Treyvon Martin’s murder. From there, I never really got active again until “Bernie or Bust” and then, of course, the George Floyd uprising. I
traveled the country and organized and fought and was ultimately kidnapped, ransomed and now held prisoner here at OSP. I have a beautiful son, a beautiful wife and life partner, Jesse, who moved out here to
Portland after my kidnapping by the feds, and a loving family back home in the Midwest. I’m also a veteran, I was a tanker in the army — and no, I’m not proud that I was part of the murder machine, so don’t thank me for my service. I love music more than anything almost, am a guitarist and aspiring pianist, all genres. Not much else to say except that I’m a lover of freedom, equity and equality, and will fight to my last breath for it. Unlike those who may regret a thing they did to get convicted or those who tempered their actions for fear of the consequences, I regret nothing, if only not doing more before I was caught. I will live for the people and I’ll die for the people because I love the people, we who want freedom cannot rest till it comes.”

He has a support group on Mastadon at:




Projected Release Date: 

Jun 15, 2031

Mailing Address: 

Malik Muhammad #23935744
Oregon State Penitentiary
2605 State Street
Salem, OR 97310
United States


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