Luca "Stecco" Dolce

Stecco was arrested on February 19, 2019 as part of Operation Renata. The media says that the 7 arrested are accused of an attack on an industrial mathematics and cryptography lab at the University of Trento on April 8, 2017; the arson of a relay antenna on Mount Finonchio on June 7, 2017; of the attempted arson of nine municipal police vehicles in Trento on December 3, 2017; an explosion targeting a bacnk in Roverto on July 25, 2018, and targeting a temp agency in Roverto as well, on September 1, 2018; and of an explosive device left in front of the Northern Leagues Ala office in Ocotber 2018 (the day before Salvini was to speak).The cops also accuse them of making false documents and add that the compas engaged in agitation with the newsletter “I giorni e le notti” [“Day and Night”] (which is not yet illegal, even in Salvini’s Italy).

On February 2020, sent to house arrest.