Jasmine York

Jasmine was given a prison sentence of nine months on March 15, 2002 for alleged arson at the Kill The Bill protest in March 2022.

Although we were hoping for a non-custodial sentence, this wasn't unexpected - the repression following #KillTheBill protests has been harsh. The police and Judge Patrick are trying to send a message to anyone who takes a stand. Jasmine tried hard to protect other women from the police and was severely beaten by them herself. We're glad that she was found unanimously not guilty of riot, and also not guilty of a more serious form of arson in her trial last month.

We see Jasmine's sentencing as part of the broader political repression following the Kill the Bill demonstrations, which has already seen 14 people receiving prison sentences - including one of 14 years - and many more awaiting trial.

Please send letters to Jasmine and show her she is not alone! And continue to send letters to other prisoners, support other defendants as the trials continue, and organise.





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