In jail (awaiting charges or shorter sentence)

Dmitriy Pchelintsev

Dmitriy was born in Penza, but his family moved frequently. He graduated from school in Izhevsk, returned to Penza. Dmitry studied at the faculty of computer technology of the Penza State University. In 2013-2014, he served urgent service in the Penza Artillery School. He worked as a shooting instructor at the Penza shooting range. Several times acted as a judge in the competitions. He plays drums, is an environmental activist, participated in the vegan days, ecological actions, and organized film screenings in Penza.

Legal Case

Ilya Shakurskiy

Ilya was born in the city of Moksha (Penza region). At the time of his arrest Ilya lived in Penza. He is a student of the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the Pedagogical Institute n.a. Belinsky of Penza State University. The environmental activist-ecologist, anti-fascist. At school, Shakursky gathered classmates and went with them to clean the river Moksha. He writes poems and prose.

Legal Case

Vasiliy Kuksov

Vasiliy was born in Serdobsk (Penza region). He studied at Agricultural academy, and worked as an constructing engineer in Penza. He volonteered in animal shelters. Since being a student interested in music: many times participated in autor’s song contest “Hoper”, member of “Academic” band, used to perform in Penza Philharmonia. Enjoys nature and hiking.

Andrey Chernov

Andrey was born in the city of Kamenka, Penza region. He studied at the Penza Pedagogical Institute at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. He is interested in rock music, programming, muay thai. Participated in competitions and won prizes. Vegetarian, took part in the actions “Feed the hungry”. He lived with his twin brother Alexei in a rented apartment in Penza. He worked at the factory as a fitter.

Legal Case

Mikhail Kulkov

Mikhail was born, studied and lived in Penza. He graduated from the Penza Trade and Economic College, specialty cook-technologist. After studying he served the army as radio man. After army he planned to open a fast-food joint for the beginning, and in the future a cafe.

Legal Case

Detained on July 4, 2018 in the frame of the investigation of the so-called “Network” case.


Maxim Ivankin

Maxim was born and raised in the village. He studied at the college for technologist, worked as a cook in a restaurant. In addition, as an unskilled worker at a construction site, children’s animator, celebrations designer, was a camp caretaker, painted on clothes. He was involved in organizing of free markets, Food not Bombs, free libraries. He served in the fleet.

Jesse Shackelford

At 3:00pm, Wednesday, August 19, Jesse Shackelford, 28, was taken into federal custody at the Dane County Jail and joined a long history of grand jury resisters. He claimed his Fifth Amendment right to silence in order to protect himself and his community and in a strong stand against both this grand jury in particular and the grand jury process as an oppressive, movement-busting tactic.

Lore-Elisabeth Blumenthal

Lore has dedicated her entire life to serving people and making them feel better. She provides essential, life-sustaining services to the most vulnerable Philadelphians as a care worker. She supports community members who live with HIV and chronic illnesses to access medical and critical care, often at her own expense. She has maintained multiple studios in massage therapy and provides regular outcalls to elders and clients who cannot leave their homes. She is the irreplaceable rock of support for her family through health crises.

Song Kang-Ho, Dr.

Song is awaiting trial for praying for peace at the remaining part of Gureombi Rock, after cutting the fence and entering the Jeju Navy Base on March 7, 2020. This date marked the 8th anniversary since the blasting of Gureombi Rock in 2012. On March 30, 4,700 people signed the petition calling for the two to not be imprisoned during their trial. Ryu Bok Hee was briefly detained and released on the 30th. Once again on April 3, when the court reviewed the legality of Dr. Song’s arrest warrant, 2,448 people signed the petition calling for his release.


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