Operation Panic

Florence, April 21, 2016: someone attacked the carabinieri barracks in Rovezzano, the Florentine suburbs, with a molotov.

Florence, January 1, 2017: an explosive device placed outside the bookshop “Il Bargello” run by neo-fascists group Casa Pound explodes in the hands of a policeman who is severely injured.

Following these two anonymous attacks, Operazione Panico launched. Within a few months, this operation led to two evictions (Villa Panico and the Riottosa), dozens of precautionary measures, several stops and arrests. Forty comrades were on trial, accused for various reasons for unauthorized initiatives and attacks on the Fascist headquarters, with charges ranging from the event without warning to damage, to criminal association, the manufacture and the port of explosive devices, and attempted murder. 

The trial ended on July 18, 2019. Sentences for the 4 accused of the New Year's events are: 10 years for Ghespe and Nicola (the latter burdened not only by 416, but also by a garrison in Sollicciano in August), 10 and a half years for Paska (also included in the association since November 2016), 11 years for Giova (also accused of having become chief organizer of the association since January 2017).

For the other two grotesquely defined "chiefs" of the association, requests are for 6 and 4 years.

For another 8 defendants in the association, the requests are between 2 and 3 years, for the remaining two instead they are 4 and 7 years.

For the remaining 13 defendants for various specifics outside the association, the requests range from 15 days in prison to one and a half years. Overall, prosecutors asked for 86 years in prison.

As for the civil parties, Vece asked for the realistic figure of 2 million euros; the police union Siulp asked for 100,000 euros, Bargello and Casapound 10,000 each. Among the civil parties there were also the Ministry of Interior, Defense and a passer-by of the April 25 procession, but we do not remember what they asked for, as far as we are concerned.

It is possible to send money to support fellow prisoners and defendants following the “Panic” operation by reloading the postepay card n. 5333 1710 3998 6134 headedgan in July 2018. to Youssra Ramadan. For those who prefer to make a transfer, the data are as follows: Agency: Poste Italiane. IBAN: IT71Q3608105138290113490114. BIC / SWIFT code, for international transactions: PPAYITR1XXX.


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