People are currently facing charges

Kungsan 15

Thirteen antifascists in Stockholm, Sweden, received prison sentences after riots connected to a protest in Kungsan against a Swedish Nazi party during the elections in 2014.

In the aftermath the Swedish security police, SÄPO, singled out fifteen people who they claimed to be active in the antifascist movement. The thirteen sentenced to prison have over €35 000 in fines, damages and trial costs. Eight of the thirteen were sentenced on July 1st, 2016 to 4-12 months.


Operation Fenix (Phoenix)

In April 2015, Police of the Czech Republic commenced an operation against the anarchist, anti-authoritarian and animal liberation movement. This operation is known and called Operation Fenix (Phoenix). During the initial stage many individuals have been questioned and interrogated, some arrested and several places raided. Police confiscated servers, computers, flash drives, cameras, mobile phones and other digital devices or data carriers. So far we do not know to what extend the operation goes and how many people are being monitored and what the intentions of the police are.

Operation Pandora

Operation Pandora:

In December 2014, seven comrades were arrested and then released on bail a month later with the same charges, and some details of the attacks attributed to the GAC*, in Barcelona and Manresa, in addition to searches at the libertarian Athénées of Sant Andreu and Poble Sec and the squat Kasa de la Muntanya.

Pandora II:

Blackmail 3

People believed to be campaigning to close down the world's third largest animal testing facility; Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), have repeatedly been subjected to arrest and harassment. Read more about the lab, government involvement and repression of campaigners here.

Nea Smyrni

An antiterrorist operation gave rise to the so-called Nea Smyrni Case (Nea Smyrni is the Athens neighborhood where Alexandros Mitrousias and Costas Sakkas were arrested in possession of numerous weapons while leaving a garage where explosives and more weapons were found). Charges stemming from this case are forming an “unnamed terrorist organisation.”


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