Mohammed Hassan Ighbariya

Mohammed is from Umm al-Fahm. Him and his brother Ibrahim Hassan Ighbariya as well as Yahya Ighbariya have been detained since 26 February 1992. They were sentenced to life imprisonment on charges of carrying out a resistance operation in an occupation military camp.

Like other Palestinian prisoners from occupied Palestine ’48, the occupation refuses to include the brothers in exchanges with the Palestinian resistance, labeling their imprisonment “an Israeli matter,” not a Palestinian matter, because they carry Israeli citizenship. Despite this frequent excuse used to keep Palestinian prisoners from ’48 behind bars, they face the same conditions of confinement as other Palestinians; now, they face the stripping of their citizenship upon their release, rendering them stateless, part of the fascist assault on the prisoners’ movement.

Life in Prison

The two brothers have been moved from prison to prison on many occasions over the years and are frequently separated in order to increase their suffering. Their older brother, Mahmoud, died while they were in prison, and the occupation refused to allow them to see him before or during his funeral.

Mohammed completed his education inside occupation prisons and obtained a master’s degree in politics and international relations in 2005. He has published many articles and books behind bars, including “Leaders’ Guide to the Art of Leadership,” “The Arabs Inside: Between the Illusion of the Knesset and the Mirage of Equality,” and “Embers in the Darkness of the Prisons.”



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