Ishaq Aslam

Ishaq is a Palestine Actionist was sentenced to 14 months for holding Israeli weapons manufacturer, Rafael, to account by planning a rooftop protest on the 75th anniversary of the Nakba. Due to this actrion, the factory lost almost £300,000 and loss of production time on top of that due to its forced closure for two days.

Palestine Action is the direct action network dismantling British complicity in Israeli apartheid. Since launch in summer 2020, Palestine Action have taken action hundreds of times in various ways and successfully shut down 2 of 10 Elbit Systems sites in the UK. Actions have included blockading entrances, occupying roofs and disabling factories that profit from death and the continued occupation of Palestine. As a result, Palestine actionists in the UK are facing lengthy court proceedings and state crackdown with over 100 facing prison.



He'll be delighted to receive messages, and promises to answer each and everyone.

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From prison, Ishaq said:

"I am a political prisoner and will not be intimidated.

As soon as it gets silent the bombs on Gaza get dropping again.

Keep up the pressure!"




Projected Release Date: 

Feb 01, 2025

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United Kingdom


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