Hanif Shabazz Bey (Beaumont Gereau)

Hanif is one of the Virgin Island 3 serving 8 consecutive life sentences after being tortured into a false confession, then wrongly imprisoned. He was 22 at the time of his arrest in 1972. After decades in prison, he has ongoing health issues that he is not being adequately treated for including diagnostic testing on his liver that was ordered by a physician in 2017 but has yet to be done.


Hanif has 3 children and 8 grandchildren. If granted commutation, he would return to live with his family, where he also has employment opportunities.


Stamp donations of up to 20 stamps can be sent with letters.

His ID# that must be included on the envelope of letters is #19-1952.

For commissary donations, his number is #516-1331.

Instructions for Depositing Money into Inmate Trust via Wachovia Lockbox:

1. Obtain money orders and / or cashier’s checks made payable to inmate. Personal checks and cash are not accepted.

2. Mail money orders and / or cashier’s checks in envelopes addressed in the following manner:

CoreCivic Inmate Trust
(Inmate Last Name, Inmate First Name / Inmate CCA Commissary #)
Facility: ________________
P.O. Box 16545
Atlanta, GA 30321-0545

3. Make sure sender's first and last name and return address is on the envelope.

4. Do NOT include any correspondence such as letters, cards, pictures, or packages with a money order or cashier’s check. None of these items sent to this address will be forwarded to the inmate or returned to sender.

You can also send money via Western Union by using the Internet, by phone or by a Walk-in Cash Payment. The website is www.westernunion.com/corrections. The phone number for phone quick collect is 1-800-634-3422.




Wednesday, August 16, 1950


Mailing Address: 

Beaumont Gereau #19-1952
Citrus County Detention Facility
P.O. Box 22997
Tampa, FL 33634
United States


Support Group Email: 

Online donation site: 

PDF Brochure or Flier: 


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On 05/24/2022 I attended a

On 05/24/2022 I attended a county commissioners meeting for Citrus County, Florida, the county the detention facility  the Virgin Island 3 are currently being detained. Core Civic was listed on the agenda, as they are currently being fined $2500.00 a day for failure to meet the contracted amount of staff required. I spoke of the issue of understaffing as related to inmates being neglected in the basic medical care they are required to provide. I will continue to follow the course of the issue and speak on behalf of the inmates whose voices have been silenced and ignored for too long.