Ahmad Abu Jaber

Palestinian prisoner Ahmed Ali Hussein Abu Jaber from Kafr Qassem, in occupied Palestine ’48 has been detained since 8/7/1986. The occupation military court sentenced him to life imprisonment plus 10 years, after accusing him of killing an Israeli soldier and an agent of the occupation. He is married and has three children, two sons and a daughter, the youngest of whom was a month old when he was arrested. He is one of the approximately 30 prisoners arrested before the Oslo Accords in 1993 whose release was promised in an agreement and then unilaterally rescinded by the Israeli occupation. Several years ago, the occupation authorities refused to set a time limit for the life sentence for him, unlike other Palestinians from occupied Palestine ’48, because he had been tried at the Nablus military court. At the same time, he has been excluded from all prisoner exchanges and agreements between the occupation and the Palestinian resistance.

Life in Prison

Ahmad is one of the leaders of the prisoners’ movement in the prisons of the occupation. He has made many literary contributions in writing poetry, stories, and articles.



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