Radical Self-defense

While there are many social prisoners whose cases would fall under a heading of 'self-defense,' prisoners listed in this category are those who participated in social movement(s) prior to their incarceration and/or obviously had the court biased against them in their defense.

Siyanda Mngaza

Siyanda is a young Black woman serving a four-and-a-half year sentence for defending herself from a racist attack.

On 25 May 2019, what started as a joyous bank holiday for Siyanda ended as a nightmare and changed her life forever. Without any provocation, Siyanda was racially abused and physically assaulted by adults much older than her.

Michael Kimble

Michael Kimble is a passionate freedom fighter and anarchist who has been held captive by the Alabama Department of Corrections since November 12, 1987. After defending himself and a friend during a homophobic attack by a known white supremacist, Michael was arrested, charged with murder, convicted, and sentenced to life in prison. His trial was typical of what could be expected from a racist criminal justice system in Jefferson County, Alabama.

Life in Prison

Andreas Krebs

(Situation March 2024)

Our friend and companion Andreas is currently imprisoned in Berlin (Germany) at JVA Tegel.
Since his imprisonment in Germany Andreas has been known as a rebellious prisoner.
In April 2019 he was sentenced in Italy to 24 years in jail. Since March 2023 he is back in German prison system.

Luke O'Donovan

On New Year’s Eve of 2013, Luke O’Donovan attended a house party in Reynoldstown, a neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. Luke was seen dancing with and kissing other men at the party. Later in the night he was insulted with homophobic slurs, and attacked by several people at once. Luke unsuccessfully attempted to escape, at which point several witnesses reported watching between 5 and 12 men ganging-up on Luke and stomping on his head and body, evidently with the intent to kill him. Luke was called a faggot before and during the attack.

Fran Thompson

Serving life plus 10 years for killing a man who broke into her home in self-defense. Before her imprisonment, Fran was an eco, animal & anti-nuke campaigner and it is believed this biased the court against her preventing her from entering a self-defense plea.

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