Operation Funke

On Thursday, February 7th, 2019, at 4:40 in the morning, the evacuation of the squat “Asilo occupato” (“the occupied kindergarten”) in Via Alessandria 12 in Turin, which has been occupied since 1995, began. The evacuation was carried out as part of the “Operazione Scintilla” (“Operation Funke”). Several hundred carabinieri in combat uniforms, police officers and customs officers with machine guns and civil servants not only cleared the house, but also arrested six anarchists, all of whom have since been released (July 2020). A seventh person is still being searched - meanwhile (July 2020) she has unfortunately also been arrested.

The charges are grave: forming a subversive association, inciting crime, and owning, manufacturing and transporting explosive devices in a public place. The charges are related to the resistance against the Italian migration regime, namely against the deportation camps / prisons CPR and CIE (Centro per l'Immigrazione e il Rimpatrio = immigration and repatriation center or Centro di identificazione ed espulsione = identification and deportation center ). The Asilo was evacuated as part of this operation because the state regards it as the “logistical and operational base” of this “subversive, insurgent association.”

The evacuation of the Asilo was delayed by the occupiers for 36 hours because some of them had retreated to the roofs. At the same time, sympathizers organized wild demos in the city, which led to clashes with the police. The Asilo has been made uninhabitable in the last few days (destruction inside, bricked up windows, etc.).

After almost a year and a half on the run, more precisely since February 7, 2019, when the Asilo Squat was evacuated and Operation Scintilla began, Carla was wanted with an arrest warrant. On July 23rd in St. Etienne in the. Unfortunately, she was arrested near Lyon. The operation was carried out by about a dozen police officers from the BIS (Brigade De Recherche et d'Investigation) and DGSI (Direction Générale de la sécurité Intérieure) armed with assault rifles, who threw them on the ground, handcuffed them and locked them in Car loaded.

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